After discussions with parents and pupils, governors have agreed on a policy where all children are expected to wear school uniform.  We believe that a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school, is practical and smart, making pupils feel good about their appearance and that a school uniform also provides good value for money.

Please contact the school office to purchase the school sweatshirts.


  • Wyken or Charter Primary School sweatshirt

  • White shirt or polo shirt

  • Grey / black trousers or shorts

  • Black footwear


  • Wyken or Charter Primary School sweatshirt

  • White blouse or polo shirt

  • Grey/ black trousers, skirt or tunic

  • Black footwear (not high heeled)

  • Red gingham summer dress

P.E. kit for Boys and Girls

  • White T-shirt

  • Shorts

  • Black pumps (not trainers)

Health & Safety

  • Health and safety is an issue that Phoenix Federation takes very seriously.

  • Children are not allowed to wear jewellery that could be a danger either to themselves or others.  Earring studs and watches are acceptable, but may need to be removed for P.E..

  • Please make sure that children wear sensible shoes. High-heeled shoes are dangerous.

  • If your child is dressed inappropriately we may contact you.