End of year assessments 2018-19


In 2018/2019 62% (71.8% national) of our children achieved a good level of development at the end of reception.

Children in Early Years Foundation Stage (nursery and reception) are assessed using the following document:



Children are assessed in phonics in year 1 during the summer term. In 2018/2019 64% (81.9% national) of our children achieved the pass rate for the phonics screening test.


Children are measured against age related expectations. We assess them against interim statements (please see links to the documents below). This means that your child will be measured against ‘expected’ standards and will be awarded a judgement such as:

  • working towards expected

  • working at expected standard

  • working at greater depth within the expected standard

Key stage 1 assessment framework (Year 2)


Key Stage 2 assessment framework (Year 6)



2019 Key Stage 1 SATS outcomes

% of Year 2 children who achieved expected or above standards in reading, writing and maths


School: 54% Coventry schools: 71.6% National: 74.9%


School: 51.2% Coventry schools: 65% National: 69.2%


School: 44% Coventry schools: 73.3% National: 75.6%

RWM combined

School: 39% Coventry schools: 60.7% National: 64.9%

% of Year 2 children who achieved expected or above standards in reading, writing and maths


School: 7.3% Coventry schools: 20.7% National: 25%


School: 0% Coventry schools: 9.5% National: 14.8%


School: 10% Coventry schools: 18.7% National: 21.7%


 2019 Key Stage 2 SATS outcomes

% of Year 6 children who achieved expected or above standards in reading, writing and maths


School: 50% Coventry schools: 69% National: 73.2%


School: 75% Coventry schools: 77.8% National: 78.5%

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

School: 62.5% Coventry schools: 78.7% National: 78%


School: 65.6% Coventry schools: 77.2% National: 78.7%

Combined (Reading, Writing and Maths)

School: 50% Coventry schools: 62% National: 64.8%

% of Year 6 children who surpassed expected standards in reading, writing and maths, achieving greater depth


School: 15.6% Coventry schools: 23.7% National: 26.9%


School: 12.5% Coventry schools: 13.4% National: 20.2%

Grammar, Punctuation & spelling

School: 15.6% Coventry schools: 38.7% National: 35.7%


School: 9.4% Coventry schools: 24.6% National: 26.6%


2019 Key Stage 2 SATS progress

% of Year 6 children who achieved expected or above standards in reading, writing and maths







Progress scores explained (this has been taken from the document, ‘Primary School accountability’: Download

Pupil scores are calculated separately for English reading, English writing and mathematics. The first step is to assign pupils into groups with other pupils nationally, who had similar starting points.

For example: James has an average key stage 1 score of 17.0, his result in the key stage 2 mathematics test is a scaled score of 108. The national average scaled score in mathematics for pupils with an average key stage 1 score of 17 is 105. James, therefore, has a mathematics progress score of +3.0. In this example, James has met the ‘expected standard’ (a scaled score of 100 or more). He has done better than other pupils with the same key stage 1 attainment and, therefore, has a positive progress score.

A school’s progress score, for a subject, is the average of its pupils’ progress scores in that subject. For example, James is one of 60 pupils in his school’s key stage 2 cohort. These pupils have mathematics progress scores as follows:


If you have any questions regarding assessment in school then please contact Mrs Morgan, Deputy Headteacher and Assessment Leader,  for more information.

You can visit the Government school performance tables here