Coventry Young Ambassadors

Yesterday morning, (Tuesday April 2nd 2019) 6 children from Year 4 and 4 children from Year 5 attended their first Coventry Young Ambassador event. We met with other schools in the city engaged in the program and with Coventry Adult Ambassadors to trial the new Coventry Adventure Trail in the City Centre


This very important job involved trialling out and evaluating the Historical Adventure trail for families to use in the summer. Our Ambassadors had to follow the trail to find various historical features in the city centre and answer questions about them. This included…


Looking for the largest tapestry in the world which is hanging in the New Cathedral.


Looking for clues in the old Cathedral.


Finding a chunk of meteorite in The Herbert Art Gallery.


Reading the Plaque on the statue of Sir Frank Whittle under the Whittle Arches in Millenium Place and finding out that he evented the jet engine.


Visiting Lady Godiva in Broadgate and spotting significant symbols located there, including the Phoenix and the Elephant and Castle.


And finally, touring St Mary’s Guildhall and sitting in Coventry’s first council chamber. We were left with questions to find out. Which King Edward introduced this Chamber? Why did Mary Queen of Scotts stay there?

Our Ambassadors did Charter Primary and the Phoenix Federation proud. Look out for photos in the Coventry Telegraph.

Nicola Balmer