Adventure stories

This week during our English sessions, we have been planning and writing adventure stories based on our Creative Curriculum topic of Fragile Planet. The children have chosen to write a story , where either an Earthquake , Tsunami or an Avalanche has taken place. In each section of our stories we have focused in on different skills, which include: description, including metaphors, similes and personification, using a range of punctuation to add detail and using various ways of building up tension and suspense to keep the reader hooked! Do ask your child about their story.

In our Maths sessions, we have been looking at Time with each child , facing a range of challenges, including time difference and conversion between different units of Time.

We will be looking at renewable energy sources during our Creative Curriculum work and aim to conclude this with a debate on which source of energy could be the most successful long-term alternative to conventional sources of energy.

Do encourage your child to continue learning their spellings each week, the children have been looking at homophones over the past week. Our test will be on Friday morning.

We hope you are enjoying the lovely weather!

Vicki Jeffrey