Speaking and Listening

In Nursery this week the children have continued to care for their beans and talked about how their bean seed is growing, some have started to grow and some are still well hidden in the compost but we are hopefully they will begin to grow.

The children have shown some wonderful independent learning which you can see on the blog picture. Some of the children have used the dough to make bean stalks independently, some of the children have shown their understanding of the bean plant and had a go at drawing their own bean plant on the board, hoping it will grow this tall.

The children have been developing their listening skills and talking turns when working at the adult led activity. The children had to name, match and say what and where they would use the everyday objects, the enjoyment and chatter was a delight to hear. All of the Nursery staff were very proud of all of the children who all worked very hard on this activity, their communications skills are blossoming.

Jackie Evans-Jones