Oliver's Vegetables part 1

The children have shown a great interest in planting and growing and continuing on with this we have looked at another book which looks at plants called Oliver’s vegetables. The children have enjoyed hearing all about Oliver and his love of chips and the plan Grandpa has to get Oliver to try different vegetables.

The children have then planted seeds from the story in small groups. Please ask your child which seeds they planted. Each group had different seeds to plant - Spinach, Peas, Carrots, Cabbage and Beetroot.

The children have used the dough to make their own potatoes for Grandpa to dig up, the children showed their amazing counting skills and used their language skills to describe the size of their potatoes.

Not only have the children looked at plants and growing they have shown an interest in flowers following on from our Spring flowers. They have had the opportunity to make their own flower using stems, petals, roots and leaves.

Jackie Evans-Jones