Dragons and their eggs

This week in Nursery we have been very excited to see the arrival of our new story book ‘Tell me a dragon’. We read the book as a class and the next day we had a big surprise in our Tuff spot, some dragon’s eggs had arrived. We looked at all of the different designs and wondered which dragons may hatch from the eggs.

We did find a small baby dragon which we took great care of showing lots of Personal, Social and Emotional development. Please ask your child which was their favorite egg and why.

We have also painted our own backgrounds ready for our own dragons to come to life on the page, we thought about what our own dragon would be like and where it would like to live. We used the book to inspire us. Our work is displayed our main school hall.

We have had a go at writing about our dragoons using the word wall to help us with some of the tricky words. We then drew a picture of our own dragon, you cam see your child’s beautiful work in our Cloakroom.

Some of the children had a go at making their own dragon using the Mobilo, with working wings!

The children have also enjoyed reading the book to each other and taking on the role of the teacher when reading the book to their friends.

Jackie Evans-Jones