The Seven Steps to Success


The ‘Seven Steps to Success’ are a range of values based attributes we believe will enable our children to be happy, engaged and positive about their futures, striving to be the best they can be.

By embedding these skills across the curriculum, in to assemblies and PSHE sessions we aim to empower children to find and develop these skills. Across the school we use books, quotes, video clips and famous people to act as role models for our Seven Steps. The children learn to use a range of vocabulary and language which is modelled by staff and other school adults to scaffold their understanding of how these skills can be demonstrated. Children are encouraged to show this through their thoughts, words and deeds.

Celebrating sucess

An important part of the Seven Steps is how it is recognised and celebrated. Children regularly receive stickers in their books and wristbands to wear which are awarded by members of staff to commend their use of individual skills. As well as weekly Achievement Awards, the staff are also able to applaud the children’s use of the Seven Steps by sending home postcards, this is often a surprise for the children and is met with great elation.  

Within classrooms, the Seven Steps are also recognised and praised by the children themselves. Children can award stickers to one another, make nominations and often reflect on their own use of skills and attributes they are using.

Over the coming year we are keen to continue to develop our values, providing a wider range of opportunities, challenges and experiences which will further the develop the use of the Seven Steps to Success.

We are also developing ways in which all members of the Phoenix Community can see the Seven Steps; workings with parents, our roles as a local, national and global citizen as well as how we can help to impact our local environment.

Explore our steps in more detail below: